The beauty and serenity of Highview’s St. Clair Chapel and Mausoleum provides a comforting and peaceful setting in which to visit and reflect. What was once reserved only for the wealthy and famous, is now made available and affordable to all families. Recognized for being clean, dry and ventilated, above ground entombment compares favorably to the cost of an in-ground burial by eliminating the purchase of a lot, vault and memorial. This all- in-one decision provides a distinctive way to honor and commemorate the memory of your loved one.

St Clair Chapel and Mausoleum

The completed chapel mausoleum will be constructed of beautiful granite, exposed beans, high ceilings, and lots of windows allowing beams of sunlight to shine through. It will be a tranquil place to celebrate, to remember, and to meditate. Completion of the chapel is being scheduled.

Garden Mausoleums

Our original garden crypts, beautifully constructed, are situated in an open area where the gentle breezes brush the granite and rays of sunlight peak through the walkway. A perfect place for our ‘love the outdoor’ friends.

A wall of granite built into the side of an embankment, the Hillside mausoleum faces a grove of trees which define the southeastern boundary of our gardens, as well as, an ever-changing landscape as one season blends into the next.

Family Mausoleum

The possibilities for your family mausoleum are as broad as your imagination. Elaborated or simple. Large or small. Granite or marble. The choices are yours. Our knowledgeable staff is available to have your design become a reality.